DIATF — UK digital identity and attributes trust framework

We've been engaged in government consultation and standard testing since late-2019 working across business operations, product and engineering teams to secure and maintain product certification.

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We delivered one of the first UK DIATF Identity Service Provider certifications

The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UK DIATF) is a new government standard designed to set the ground rules for all providers and consumers of digital identity within the UK, and drive new market developments to deliver more secure, more useful and more controllable forms of digital identity across the economy.

The standard is currently beta, with more than 50 certified organisations and key use cases like digital Right to Work checks proven. The next version of the trust framework will accompany the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill in Q2-Q3 2024 which places the certification scheme on a statutory footing.

We work with all scale of organisation to design, build and certify products and services against all components of the standard, including:

  • Identity proofing and verification
  • Authentication credentials
  • Identity attributes
  • Identity assurance levels
  • Identity trustmarks

If you're looking to find out what the UK DIATF means for your product, get an existing product certified or just get the ball rolling with a gap analysis we can help.

Mockup of a simple digital verification mobile app (Screen 1)
Mockup of a simple digital verification mobile app (Screen 2)