AI Governance & Risk Management

We can support with anything from simple workflow tool implementation to tailored policy and reporting on novel use of AI in emerging markets such as the legal sector.

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We're developing a portfolio of services to introduce and support algorithmic governance for all types of organisations.

Like much of the risk and compliance market, we're looking at what can meet client demand, what provides responsible product growth opportunity and what best supports organisations and the public at this early stage.

We can provide a full service across these areas:

  • AI policies
    Manage AI use in your organisation by developing a supportive internal AI policy, taking into account your risk appetite, existing employee workflows as well as the security and data protection standards of your current tooling.
  • AI and algorithmic risk assessment
    Scholarship-led, research enhanced AI and algorithm impact assessments, identifying risks and providing actionable recommendations for mitigating those risks.
  • AI Governance frameworks
    AI and product safety benchmarking to emerging frameworks (e.g. EU AI Act), alongside implementation and support for new or existing management frameworks (e.g. ISO 42001:2023).
  • Dark pattern and deceptive outcome assessments
    Evaluations of user interfaces and system functionalities to identify and rectify dark patterns and deceptive outcomes, ensuring ethical and transparent user experiences.
  • UK and EU regulatory change and tailored reporting
    Analysis and practical guidance on how regulatory changes may impact your AI projects , along with strategies for maintaining compliance and staying ahead of emerging guidance.

Custom reporting

Mockup of a dark pattern report software