governance, risk and compliance


Ready to support startup, scale and enterprise businesses

Whatever stage you're at, we can offer actionable and strategic compliance support for your business. We'll work alongside you to understand your needs, develop practical solutions, and ensure you're on the right track.

The elevator pitch

We're a data protection, information security and standards consultancy focussed on compliance as a catalyst for responsible growth.

We're highly interdisciplinary, as comfortable talking to the board as we are product teams and engineers.

Values all the way down

Technology is not neutral, and compliance isn't a tickbox exercise.

We think it's a key part of earning trust in technology, and how people adapt to and accomodate everyday interactions with it.

We align ourselves with communities and principles that share this approach, such as the Design Justice Network, All Tech Is Human, Ethical Design Network and Human by Design.

Where you are

Our engagement model is to meet you where you are — whether that's physical or virtual, a team member or a silent partner.

We're used to working with product, engineering and compliance teams across a range of platforms and technology stacks, so there's a good chance we speak your language and can put processes in place where they're most valuable.

Over 10 years experience
Building things in technical and governance roles.
As comfortable talking to the board as we are product teams and engineers.

  • AI Governance and Risk Management

    Help to introduce and support algorithmic governance across all organisation and markets.

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  • Training, Research and Education

    Bespoke, in-house training options delivered alongside research driven insights. We work with academics and universities through knowledge exchanges, funding partnerships and course delivery (in person and e-learning platforms).